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International Festival of Street Theatre in Krakow

– The International Festival of Street Theatre in Krakow is one of the oldest events of its kind in Central Europe. Since its inauguration in 1988 it has become a well established part of the city’s cultural calendar.

During the festival the audience is offered a variety of outdoor performances presenting many styles and forms of artistic expression – from traditional theatre to alternative modes of the performing arts, from ephemeral happenings to works that have a permanent place in the fabric of the city.

The Festival of Street Theatre is a space of direct and immediate contact between the creator of a work of art and the audience. Krakow’s Main Market Square turns into the main venue for theatre performances, providing the largest municipal audience space in Europe. We also try to make use of other public places and venues, so that theatre art can be presented in other squares, backyards and parks - wherever people are passing by.

For several years now, subsequent festivals have had a specific focus and theme. In 2007 it was Don Quixote, in 2009 – biblical motifs in street art, in 2009 – child – children-childhood, in 2010 – city as space for theatre.

The festival takes place in the month of July. It is organised by the KTO Theatre in Krakow.         
"Wind from the East" – this is the main focus and theme of STREET ART 24 in 2011. We have invited theatre groups from Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia) as well as from Israel, Argentina, England, France as well as other countries.

You are invited to Krakow from the 7th to the 10th of July 2011 for STREET ART 24.
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