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30. ULICA International Street Theatre Festival Fahrenheit 451

will appear

Adrian Schvarzstein (Spain/Argentina) - The Greenman

Akcja Ważka (Poland) - Poza

Bram Graafland  (Holland) - The Yelling Kitchen Prince

Compagnie Albedo (France) - Les Tonys

Compagnie Les Eléments Disponibles (France) - Krakow Klown Konzept

Company LA TAL (Spain) - CARILLÓ

Contaminando Sonrisas (Spain) - Le Voyage and Fané Solamente

Daniel Burley (Germany) - The Magic Cabaret Show

Delrevés vertical dance (Spain) - UNO

FrutillasConCrema (Chile) - Petit

Kamchàtka (Spain) - Kamchàtka

Krakow Dance Theatre (Poland) - Estra&Andro

Mr Pejo's Wandering Dolls (Russia) - Moonsters

Onstage Theatre Studio (Poland) - The Book of the Forest

PARADE An Odyssey Towards New Shores

Periplum and Corn Exchange (UK) - 451

Pinezka Theatre (Poland) - Mr Twardowski

Songs for the City (Poland) - Songs of Freedom

The Biuro Podrozy Theatre (Poland) - Silence in Troy

The Hothaus Theatre (Poland) - I have killed a brother of mine...

Theatre. Full Stop (Poland) - Freaky Birds

The KTO Theatre (Poland) - Peregrinus

Theatre of the Eighth Day (Poland) - Summit_2.0

The Drunken Bedroom Theatre (Poland) - The Lighthouse Keeper

The "Around the Center" Group (Poland) - Mourners and Celsius 38

The Vagabond Theatre (Poland) - Old Homestead

The Coastline Theatre (Poland) - Fahrenheit 451

Tony Bulandra Theatre of Târgoviște (Romania) - Othello

Xarxa Teatre (Spain) - FAHRENHEIT – ARA PACIS

…nirgendwo (Germany) - Fahrenheit... und ihre Kinder

24-hour spectacle by the KTO Theatre - F451




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