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Chorus of Orphans - The KTO Theatre




You shall not afflict any widow or orphan.
(The Book of Exodus, Chapter 22)



A theatre séance with an orchestra, a soprano and actors

A hypnotising performance with a deep vision and overwhelming music, based on Guy Croussy's novel Les Bleuets.
Is it a sentimental story about orphans? No! What we face here is a universal tale about the drama of human loneliness. And all this is spread in the space between the first and the last sound of Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki's Third Symphony which sets the framework and the rhythm of the show.

My ovary is cut
by pain sharp as knife
to my son of a bitch
I will soon give life

(A Bolivian song, anonymous)


The show has been presented in many cities in Poland as well as in Belarus, Croatia, Iran, Macedonia, Romania and Ukraine.

- Special award of the 35th Fadjr International Theater Festival in Tehran (Iran);
- Award for the best performanance on BABEL Festival in Targoviste (Romania);
- Special Award on XXI International Theatre Festival Pula (Chroatia);
- Award for the director Jerzy Zon on the Festival Biala Wieza in Belarus.



(...) 52 minutes and 35 seconds and that’s all. Not much. This is the duration of the KTO Theatre’s séance "Chorus of Orphans", directed by Jerzy Zon. Short. It lasts just as long as the 3rd Symphony op. 36 by Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs in three parts) where, in each part, we hear a voice humming old words about loss, lack and pain caused by someone’s sudden absence, the words about someone lost forever, about the vanishing we can do nothing about, that we must accept, as there is nothing else we can do, with which we have to agree just as with our own loneliness (...)
Whatever story you may build on the basis of the sequence of pantomime images presented in Jerzy Zon’s "Chorus of Orphans", you will always find the same shadow at the bottom. The lack of consolation. The lack of illusion that consolation can help (...) There is nothing we can do any more, Zon says, as it seems, in his pure, small and fragile tale made of tartness (...)
Pawel Glowacki, Polskie Radio Dwójka (Polish Radio 2)

The eschatological dimension of the performance allows us to look at orphanhood as spiritual exile. This is without doubt the power of "Chorus of Orphans", just as the composition of the show remains relevant and worthwhile. The actors perform coherently. They are a uniform group, creating an interesting choreographic routine.
Justyna Biernat, Aict.art.pl

I left "Chorus of Orphans" with the faith and conviction that theatre can be done wisely and beautifully even without words.
Andrzej Sikorowski, Vis a Vis

The essence of the show is the loneliness of a contemporary human being trapped in a net of individual and social limitations (...). A huge impression is made by a universal, innovative stage set and the energetic physicality of the actors hypnotising the audience. (...)
Without a shadow of doubt "Chorus of Orphans" is one of the best foreign productions of this year's 35th edition of the Fadjr International Theatre Festival in Tehran.




Premiere: 20 and 21 September 2014
Duration: 52 minutes and 6 seconds (no break)

Script, selection of music and stage direction: Jerzy Zon
Stage set and costume design: Joanna Jasko-Sroka
Production of stage set and structures: Robert Calikowski Ironwork Workshop
Stage movement: Eryk Makohon
Rhythmic training of the cast: Grzegorz Bauer
Music: Henryk Mikołaj Górecki "Symphony no 3"
Assistant to stage director: Monika Kozlowska

Performers: Karolina Bondaronek, Karolina Kamińska/Katarzyna Pamuła, Paulina Lasyk, Grazyna Srebrny-Rosa, Justyna Wojcik, Marta Zon, Sławek Bendykowski, Bartek Cieniawa, Paweł Monsiel, Michał Orzylowski


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