08.07: 14.00 Kraków | Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego Square by the Galeria Krakowska Shopping Centre

08.07: 20:00 Kraków | KTO Theatre, Zamoyskiego 50 St.

10.07: 17.00 Kraków | Main Market Square, by the church of St. Adalbert

09.07: 18.00 Tarnów | Main Square in Tarnów

Cia.Maduixa © juangabrielsanz@yahoo


Four woman and an empty space. Empty, but full of obstacles and invisible boundaries, irrational hate and unfounded prejudices. They had to leave their homeland, and the country they came to rejected them as well. They move around looking for their place. A place where they can live, settle and take root. Places they could call „home”. They ask for it with all of themselves. And they will fight for it. This performance is their struggle. The battle of four strong, brave and enduring women. 

Idea and direction: Joan Santacreu 
Choreography: Cristina Fernández 
Direction assistant & playwright: Paula Llorens 
Music: Damián Sánchez 
Costumes: Pascual Peris 
Lighting design: Ximo Olcina 
Technical service: Sergi Sanjuan 
Production assistants: Luisa Juan, Andrés Roses 
Executive production: Maduixa Teatre SL 
Resident company: Ayuntamiento de Sueca 
Co-producers: Fira Tàrrega, Teatre Escalante, Dansa Metropolitana, MA scène nationale/Pays de Montbéliard 
With the support of: Institut Valencià de Cultura, Teatro Chapí Villena, Ayuntamiento de Algemesí, Ayuntamiento de El Puig, Audionet-Professional 

Performers: Laia Sorribes, Melissa Usina, Paula Quiles, Sara Canet 

Premiere: FiraTàrrega, Spain, 2021 
Duration: 40 minutes  

Cia.Maduixa | Spain

The use of stilts as a key element in storytelling became the hallmark of the Maduixa group formed in 2004 by Joan Santacreu. They open up new possibilities of establishing a dialogue between dance, gesture and balance in order to discover new stage languages. 

Over the years, their artistic creations have won over 20 awards, including three Maximum Recognition Awards for Spanish stage art – MAX and four FETEN (European Theater Childhood Fair) awards. The ensemble has traveled to over 25 countries around the world and made appearances at many international festivals. 

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