Helver's Night

08.07: 21:00 Kraków | the courtyard of the Museum of Engineering and Technology (entrance from Gazowa Street)

09.07: 21:00 Kraków | the courtyard of the Museum of Engineering and Technology (entrance from Gazowa Street)

10.07: 21:00 Kraków | the courtyard of the Museum of Engineering and Technology (entrance from Gazowa Street)

Helver’s Night 

Although Villqist wrote this drama twenty years ago, it is still a perfect reflection of fears and phenomena occurring in the contemporary world. Helver returns to the house where Karla is waiting for him. The woman does everything to distract him from the raging evil outside the window. This, however, is done in vain as the boy is fascinated by force, military drill and radical slogans. This intimate performance is a touching and very up-to-date story about the desire for love and security in the times of growing totalitarianism, about the fact that the border between normality and madness, tenderness and cruelty can be surprisingly thin, and the evil that lurks behind the door is not so terrible, as the evil in human hearts. With much insight and understanding, the creators of this production look at a human being who has to make a difficult choice between fear  giving rise to aggression, and the courage to make sacrifices in the name of love. 


Author: Ingmar Villqist 

Directed by: Agnieszka Baranowska 

Scenography: Kamila Grzybowska-Sosnowska 

Music: Helena Matuszewska 

Director’s assistant: Kinga Pięć 

Stage manager, prompter: Krystyna Fudyma 


Performers: Kinga Pięć (Karla), Stefan Krzysztofiak (Helver) 


Premiere: Tarnów, 2019 

Duration: 70 minutes 

The Ludwik Solski Theatre of Tarnów | Poland

The L. Solski Theatre in Tarnów is the only institutional theatre in the Małopolska region, apart from the theatres of Krakow and Zakopane. The company hosts concerts, exhibitions, workshops and meetings that complement its rich theatrical repertoire. In cooperation with  prominent stage directors, set designers and musicians, several premieres are produced here each year.  The company’s productions are also presented at festivals and other theatrical stages in Poland. For 25 years now,  the L. Solski Theatre has been the organizer of the Talia National Comedy Festival and for 13 years also the Small Talia Festival of Performances for Children. 

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