Nowa siedziba teatru KTO – ogród

Together with you, we are counting down impatiently the last months to the opening of the new home of the KTO Theatre. Fortunately, the pandemic that stopped the world did not stop the work that brings us closer to the desired finale.

Today we would like to share with you the details of the green area surrounding our theatre.

Form the beginning we knew that we wanted to create a real GARDEN, a garden that could be used as a field for theatre activities, open-air cinema and a place for educational and artistic meetings with children. But that’s not the end of it. We dreamt of a place open to the inhabitants of Podgorze and Krakow to spend free time and to return to; a part of the KTO Theatre and a park accessible to everyone.

The project includes the creation of a sensory garden, gazebo, street furniture (seats), a removable stage and audience, viewing platform and installation of multimedia according to the desired use of the area.

The author of the project is Joanna Baranek-Stach together with the PRO ARCHIVISION Sp. z o.o. design studio team.
The project features solutions minimising spatial, social and cultural barriers, using simple sensory solutions taken from hortitherapy (garden therapy).

Would you agree that the visualisation is impressive?

There is a viewing platform in the centre to admire the Podgorze district! We are so proud  The works continue – the wall surrounding the site has been erected, preliminary structures for the installation of the viewing platform are in place, and the first trees have been planted!

To paraphrase Wyspaiński, „We see our garden is enormous”! 😉

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