CINEMA THEATRE a performance without words in the Teatr KTO online


This Saturday, on the 17th of April, we invite you to the old cinema theatre to watch the film version of Zbigniew Szumski and Adolf Weltschk’s performance Cinema.

In March 1993, two months after the premiere, we set off on our first theatre journey outside Europe – to the FIA International Festival of the Arts in San José (Costa Rica). Andreas Saenz wrote in „La Nation” after the festival presentations:

„The performance is a true conceptual feat, a musical synthesis of film editing theory, presented with an extraordinary pace and sense of rhythm. The crowded audience enjoyed the show rewarding the artists with a prolonged standing ovation”.

The soundtrack for Cinema consists of the most famous cinema compositions, like Singin’ in the Rain or An American in Paris, and the performance was filled with references to film characters and symbols.

For the 100th anniversary of cinema, we have translated the film inspired theatre show into the language of film.

In 1995 two excellent filmmakers, director Jerzy Ridan and cinematographer Andrzej Jeziorek took us on a fascinating adventure to the border between theatre and film. We recorded the show, among others, in the legendary stylish interiors of the Jama Michalika Cafe, in the Bagatela Theatre and the no longer existing student kitchen in the basement of the University of Science and Technology.

CINEMA THEATRE, the film inspired by the KTO Theatre production Cinema won the Audience Award at the Berkeley Festival (USA).

Join us on the KTO Theatre Youtube channel on Saturday, 17th of April, at 6 pm (available until midnight).

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