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5-8 July 2012

The Jubilee International Festival of Street Theatre in Krakow

The ULICA STREET ART International Festival of Street Theatre in Krakow is one of the oldest street festivals in Central Europe. Since its birth in 1988, it has been run annually, holding a firm place in the calendar of Krakow’s cultural events. The festival is open to a wide spectrum of artistic presentation, from traditional theatre productions to various forms of performance, from momentary acts to more permanent works of art that are now holding a stable position in the structure of the city. The Festival of Street Theatre is a space where a work of art is confronted with the public directly and immediately.  

The venue for the majority of productions is the main square of Krakow (Rynek Glowny) which, due to its size, is considered as the largest audience space in Europe. Our intention, however, is to create opportunities for the existence of art in various elements of urban space – in squares, backyards, parks – wherever it can be encountered by an incidental passer-by.   

For several years now, the subsequent issues of the Festival have been developed around their main themes. In 2007 it was "Don Quixote", in 2008 – "Biblical motifs in street art", in 2009 – "Child, children, childhood", in 2010 – "Theatre space – the city", in 2011 "Wind from the East".

"Bridge Poland-Spain" is the main theme chosen for the 25th anniversary issue of the ULICA 25 STREET ART festival in 2012. Three Spanish theatre groups and eleven Polish troupes have been invited to perform in Krakow. The new concepts to be developed during the festival are a Polish-Spanish dance project called everybodyskin and a musical theatre co-production of the KTO Theatre and the Theatre Dr. Inat from Croatia entitled The Visit. The festival will also host a Russian theatre group called Mr Pejo’s Wandering Dolls.     

Small theatre productions and giant theatre shows. Parades, dance theatre presentations, clownery – almost 30 festival performances will take place during this extraordinary summer weekend.

You are invited to join us at ULICA 25 STREET ART in Krakow on 5-8 July 2012.

Organised by – The KTO Theatre
Artisic Director  – Jerzy Zoń




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