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everybodyskin - The DF Dance Theatre (Poland/Krakow) & Les Filles Föllen (Spain/Barcelona) 


was a debut production by Barbara Wysoczanska premiered during the ULICA 25 STREET ART (2012).
In 2013, with a view to the preparation of a new performance for the ULICA 26 Festival, with the support of its organiser the KTO Theatre the artists from Poland and Spain have resumed their collaboration and are working on a new version of the show. They are planning to elaborate the stage set and invite two more Polish dancers to join the show, thus extending the number of performers to six.

The main source of inspiration for the production was... the skin – its multidimensional and metaphorical quality.

The skin – the largest organ of human body; when removed – it would take almost two square metres; it weighs from ten to fifteen pounds.
It  determines a human life from the moment of birth, and therefore there are cases when people would want to change their skin,  while in other cases, when people are happy with their own skin and glorify it. It also happens that they would like to get rid of it or find themselves in someone else's skin. They try to reject it, to escape beyond the framework of a system that is enforced upon them. This may lead to a sense of alienation and a lack of being understood by others. These mechanisms evoke an association with territorial issues. Man gets the skin and begins to live within its borders, as within the country or cultural background, where he was born.

The same, but different – the skin of each human being. It unites people in a common experience, but in each case it gives them individual feelings – the skin of every body.

premiere of the new version 2013 (during ULICA 26)
duration approx. 40 mins.


The DF Dance Theatre & Les Filles Föllen is a Polish-Spanish street dance project initiated by Barbara Wysoczańska, dancer of the DF Dance Theatre from Kraków and Margherita Meneghini Bergamo, dancer and choreographer from Barcelona, co-founder of Les Filles Föllen. The aim of the project is to exchange artistic experiences between Polish and Spanish dancers and to popularise the art of contemporary dance as a universal language that allows communication between different cultures.

Barbara Wysoczańska (Kraków) has been a dancer of Katarzyna Skawinska's DF Dance Theatre since 2003 (the group was founded in Krakow in 1990; it links the experience of modern dance with the theater of movement). She is also vice-president of the DF Dance Theatre Association and coordinator of its artistic projects. In the years 2008-2012 she also collaborated with the KTO Theatre as an actress, taking part in its artistic projects and street shows (Quixotage, The Blind) presented at number of theatre festival in Poland and abroad.

Margherita Berghamo Meneghini (Barcelona) is a dancer and cultural manager. She combines her work as a choreographer with management tasks and teaching activities. Her training in dance came from the rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and modern dance. Together with Tuixen Benet initiated a new dance project Les Filles Föllen in 2008. Its goal is to convey to the viewers the physicality and emotion expressed by dance.

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Witold Wieszczek, Libertas – Miesięcznik Ludzi Wolnych (Free People Monthly):
(…) we owed the success of the day only to the last show that was a Polish-Spanish co-production. (…) In contrast to the previous one, everybodyskin made some sense and gave evidence of a considerable volume of work and effort made by its creators. A well-danced, half an hour long act inspired by … skin (…) Skin is the space that separates and joins us, when we touch each other.


idea and direction: Barbara Wysoczańska
choreography: Margherita Bergamo, Tuixén Benet, Magdalena Śmigasiewicz, Barbara Wysoczańska
set design: Joanna Jaśko-Sroka
set construction: Pracownia Ślusarska Robert Calikowski
costumes: Karolina Mika
music – composition and recording: Tomek Grochot
video: Intermedioland - Łukasz Furman, NoArt, Kuba Garścia
graphic design: Magdalena Konik
artistic collaboration: Katarzyna Skawińska, Alicja Paleta
project coordination: Barbara Wysoczańska

performers: Margherita Bergamo, Beatriz Macias (Les Filles Föllen); Anna Majerczyk, Małgorzata Ogórek, Magdalena Śmigasiewicz, Barbara Wysoczańska (The DF Dance Theatre)


With the support of


The festival co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007-2013




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