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Corazon de Angeles - Theater Tol (Belgium)


Lightness and joy are the most important themes in this show about a wedding in which a couple in love dances, flies, and even eats cotton candy. They love each other and are in good company: musicians and creatures out of fairy-tales. The big present for the newly-married couple are the angels: the protectors, the dreamers, the wise ones. Nowadays in our culture the brides carry a bouquet of flowers. Originally it was just a bunch of strong spices, used to expel the evil ghosts out of marriage. In Corazon de Angeles the bride doesn't receive a bouquet to expel the bad, but angels to keep the good.

The audience will be the guest at the wedding. The artists want to touch the audience and make them happy. To give them an unforgettable night.

"When you go home after the wedding we want you to feel that your life just received a new dimension! The angels didn't only bring the good things for the couple in love; also the guests should participate in their positive energy".


Premiere: 2005, Costa Rica San Jose Festival 
Duration: 40 mins.



Theater Tol, founded in 1998, is an international music theatre company based in Antwerp (Belgium). The company creates performances with almost no spoken words, using instead images, acting and music. Each performance is inspired by the physical aspects as well as the historical and social context of the location.

The company does not play in the conventional theatre venues but prefers 'unusual' locations.The company has performed in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Switzerland, India, Costa Rica, England, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Croatia, France, Russia, Mexico, China, Taiwan and Canada. Summer or winter, the performances are always outdoors.

Theatre Tol works in a precise and poetic manner, communicating through original and unusual visual and musical language. The group consists of a permanent crew which is brought together per production by Lot Seuntjens (artistic director): musicians, dancers, designers, stylists, technicians and actors..

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The flying angels put up a spectacular show.
Times of India - Delhi/India (10/03/2010)

Thousands flocked to St. George's Square last night for a spectacular Festival of Light. They braved sub-zero temperatures and snow to watch as performers dressed as angels swung through the sky scattering glitter, fake snow and streamers.
The Examiner – Huddersfield/UK (04/12/2010)

The Tol Theatre narrated in a mixture of drama and music the story of an artistic, heavenly wedding party - on the stage and in the air. Scenes of love, joy and light are the ever recurring motifs in this powerful production that immersed the audience (…)
Die Rheinpfalz – Frankenthal/Germany (07/05/2012)



Artistic direction, scenography, script: Lot Seuntjens
Costume Design: Lisette Henst
Music: Henk de Laat, Wouter De Belder

Performers: Claire Hesp, Fleur van Zonneveld, Paola Zampierolo, Hanne Schillemans, Maaike Van De Westeringh, Sarah Vingerhoets, Lili Almeida, Stefaan Cleiren, Aline Deleu, Elfje Duchateau

Musicians: Wouter De Belder, Maki Masamoto, Yaso Romero Fernandes

Technicians: Werner Musenbrock, Thomas de Geyseleer, Hendrik Dejonghe



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