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C’era una volta - Ondadurto Teatro (Italy)


C'era una volta
, the new work by Ondadurto Teatro, is much more than a show about princesses and heroes. Stories and legends coming from the tradition of great authors, from Grimm Brothers to Lewis Carroll, from Johann Karl August Musäus to Hans Christian Andersen, are reinterpreted in noir atmosphere and "sweet-and-sour" taste.

The fairy imagination, so sweet and lovely in our memories, will be transformed, and lines between Good and Evil will become deeply evanescent.

Is it possible that Little Red Riding Hood has a dark side? And what about a light, sweet, melancholic side of Witches and Stepmothers?

C’era una volta is a colourful and enchanting revue, a multidisciplinary work where fascinating moving objects, water effects and technological contaminations create an expanded experience for the audience.

It’s a contemporary work that shuffles the ancient tradition by throwing away the "good and sweet" aroma.


First Preview: June 2013, Mirabilia International Circus and Performing Arts, Italy
Premiere: September 2013, FiraTàrrega, Spain
Duration: 60 mins.



Ondadurto Teatro is a company founded in 2004, based in Rome. Gesture, acrobatics, text and dance are essential parts of its artistic creation, combined with the use of machinery in movement, fireworks, games of water, videos and live music.

The works of Ondadurto Teatro combine different expressive languages that reach, with poetry and irony, any cultures and international audiences.

Every year the group prepares and implements the Festival inEURoff and social theatre workshops within the Officina Ondadurto project, this year in its fourth edition.

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(...) an astonishing and powerful finale (...)
Online Review – Spain

(...) A Charming Prince driving a flying Vespa (...)
Corriere del Mezzogiorno – Italy



Artistic concept: Marco Paciotti, Cristian Paraskevas, Lorenzo Pasquali
Direction: Marco Paciotti
Assistant director: Roberto Andolfi
Machineries and Objects: Lorenzo Pasquali and Massimo Carsetti
Costume Design: Claudia Tortora
Light Design: Costel Iulian Prodran
Soundtrack: recognizable sounds
Overall coordination: Giulia Vanni

Performers: Chiara Becchimanzi, Giorgia Conteduca, Daniele Ginnetti, Valerio Marinaro, Giorgia Marras, Angelo Palmieri, Lorenzo Pasquali, Dario Vandelli, Giulia Vanni



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