The Bachelor

9, 10.07: 7:00 Kraków | Main Market Square

11.07: 6pm Kraków | Main Market Square

Fot. Joanna Rafalska

A beau, an admirer, a bach, a single? One that hunts for love, desperately trying at the same time to save his sacred rituals. In a number of episodes improvised with the audience, with sets and soundtracks created from thin air, Pjoter takes a look at the existence of a kind-of-intelligent and sort-of-handsome chap who is totally unprepared for sharing his life with another person.

Pjoter | Polska

Pjoter (Piotr Chlipalski) – performer, producer, photographer, creator of moving pictures (video, animation, mapping). Founder, organizer and artistic director of the International Street Artists’ Festival ULICZNICY in Gliwice, Poland. Co-founder of the Muzikanty group.


Author and performer: Piotr Chlipalski

Duration: 40’

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