PEREGRINUS EXHIBITION 2021, photo Bartek Cieniawa, Beijing

Soon, hopefully with the Audience participation, Peregrinus will celebrate the beginning of its 7th season. It has been exactly six years since the show’s premiere at EXPO in Milan, on the 19th of May.

From 2015 to 2020, the travelling show about a contemporary everyman based on a script and directed by Jerzy Zon has travelled almost 200,000 kilometres. You could say that we went around the Earth five times.

The first festival of 2021, which we were planning to visit in Belgium (Ypres) in April, has just changed its formula to an online edition, but there are many more plans for this year, and we deeply believe that most of them will come true!

Waiting for the performances with the Audience, both in Krakow and abroad, we invite you to the next instalment of the project, this time online, PEREGRINUS. EXHIBITION. It is a photo chronicle of the show’s journey by Bartek Cieniawa, an actor of the KTO Theatre. The first two instalments of this project were presented as photo exhibitions. Today, exactly four years after the first vernissage, we present mainly original material from the last 3 seasons, including St. Petersburg, Beijing, Montreal, Leipzig, San Diego and Zielona Góra.

We hope you enjoy our gallery!

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