KTO Theater with an award in the competition „Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st century”


Dear Audience and Friends, we have great news! During the Gala of the competition „Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st century”, which took place on September 28, 2022 in Warsaw, we were awarded and received the title of Modernization of the Year 2021 in the category „Memory of historical places”.



We are extremely grateful and happy.


We thank the Mayor of the City of Krakow, prof. Jacek Majchrowski, the Krakow City Council and the European Funds.


Congratulations to the Director of the KTO Theater, Jerzy Zoń, the Deputy Director to Sebastian Godula, the author of the building concept, Aleksander Janicki, the architect Mariusz Twardowski and the Morris Polska company, the Head of the Chancellery and Organization Department, Danuta Różycka, the entire team and everyone thanks to whom we have such a great headquarters.


At this point, we would like to quote the Director’s words spoken during the inauguration a year ago: „After 44 years of wandering, from Polish streets and squares to renowned theater halls around the world, we have received a building at the heart of Krakow’s Podgórze, inheritance after the former Wrzos Cinema. Krakow has enriched itself with a new scene, and the KTO Theater finally has its home.”


„Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st century” is a nationwide construction competition for investors, work contractors and designers with over 25 years of tradition. Every year, the organizational office receives applications from ambitious, enthusiastic people who want to change the surrounding reality for the better. Not only individuals ,but also counties , city halls , institutions and developers are applying for participation in the competition. The aim of the organizers’ activities is to promote and select the best construction projects each year, which are distinguished by the special features of construction projects.


We are proud!


Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to invite you to our theater.

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