4.09 | 16.00 | Kraków, The Main Market Square, by the church of St. Adalbert

4.09 | 18.00 | Kraków, The Main Market Square, by the Town Hall Tower

5.09 | 17.00, 18.30 | Tarnów, The Main Square

6.09 | 13.30 | Kraków, The Main Market Square, by the Town Hall Tower

6.09 | 16.30 | Kraków, The Podgórski Square

Photo. Severine Bruhat

Maestro Salvatore and Gianni come to the city where a sublime Isabella is supposed to live. They just have a postcard and a photo with the help of which they start looking for her, always ready to enter the alleys of imagination…

HomoCatodicus has been presented in many countries, from north America (Quebec and Washington DC) to Australia, as well as in Singapore, Cyprus, Romania, Finland, Italy and Spain. It is the first appearance of the group in Poland. 

Compagnie l’Excuse | France

Compagnie l’Excuse has operated since 1991. Its performers have studied pantomime (with Marcel Marceau) as well as clowning and physical theatre (with Pierre Byland from École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq and with Ctibor Turba from Alfred Circus in Prague).

Dominique Lajoux

Dominique Lajoux, Mario Gumina

video editing:
Dominique Lajoux

Dominique Lajoux, Mario Gumina

Brest, France, 2005


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