Spring on our construction site

Spring on the construction site, photo Bartek Cieniawa
Spring on the construction site, photo Bartek Cieniawa

This time was eagerly awaited not only by our garden – the grass that soon will be green, the paths ready to be laid.
The spring months are the homestretch to the long-awaited final of our new home construction at 50 Jana Zamoyskiego Street.

Works on the front wall have nearly been completed. It has been restored to its historical shape using genuine old brick. The windows and external glass barriers have already been installed. The supporting structures for the façade glass walls and ceilings in the foyer and offices are near completion.
As soon as the weather becomes more stable, the black alucobond façade panels on the theatre’s outer walls (the black box) as well as the glass walls and ceilings will be installed.

In our next report from the construction site, we will tell you about the works inside the theatre, on our new stage.

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