Lignes Ouvertes

5.09: 4pm Kraków | The Vistula River between the Piłsudski Bridge and the Father Bernatek Footbridge

Fot. Christophe Stewart

Our so-called balance is merely the sum of our imbalances. Without those who accompany, ensure the security of the chosen path, install the lines, play the music or watch, the high wire walker is powerless. It’s not about one superhuman being walking the line, but about an association of people who, together, make this event possible.

Compagnie Basinga | France

Basinga is a company focused on the art of the high wire walking. It is managed by Tatiana Mosio Bongonga and Jan Naets. So far the company has created three shows around funambulism, at small or large heights, always focusing on proximity with the public.

Technical direction: Jan Naets
Riggers: Gaël Honegger, Rémy Legeay, Simon Pourqué
Musicians: Makeda Monnet, Camille Secheppet, Adrien Ameyor, Djay Laroz, Maxime Leneylé
Production: Camiller Foucher, Anaïs Longiéras

On high wire: Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga

Duration: 30’

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