30. ULICA International Street Theatre Festival Fahrenheit 451


From the 5th to the 9th July 2017 the 30th jubilee edition of the International Festival of Street Theatres ULICA will take place in Krakow

The main focus of this year’s festival 30.ULICA will be on a thrilling picture of life in which people are forbidden to possess and read books. A similar picture was created by Ray Bradbury in his novel “Fahrenheit 451”. A multimedia performance of the KTO Theatre directed by Jerzy Zon, inspired by Bradbury’s novel and going under the title of FAHRENHEIT 451, will be one of the most important segments of this large scale event extended in time and space.

FAHRENHEIT 451 is a vision of a terrifying future world in which the ultimate breakthrough in civilization and culture is being made or, to put it another way, a disaster is taking place. It is a world in which every form of literature, art, philosophy as well as all individual, independent and liberated thought, feeling and acquisition of knowledge is banned; a world in which the few books that have been salvaged, as they represent a symbolic treasury of human knowledge and wisdom, are burnt. It is a world of captive minds, souls and hearts in which a ubiquitous and all-powerful “pictorial culture” with its most terrifying weapon: television which squeezes the consciousness of individuals and entire communities into a schematic, dehumanized, simplified and senseless existence. It is a world of victorious and vigorous totalitarianism in which overt terror is not necessary any more as it has been replaced by an even more dreadful and dangerous manipulation of human consciousness, imagination and emotions by mass media.

All of the productions invited to this year’s festival will sound a clear and powerful warning against a world like this, one threatening our very civilization. The KTO’s performance will be a warning of the most powerful and vivid kind as it will use a rich array of theatrical means of expression to display that imaginary reality. It will create a horrifying world before our very eyes by demonstrating that while taking part in the performance we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of it, feel it and comprehend it. The production is designed to be a warning and at the same time a sort of defence of the most essential and beautiful elements of our tradition: free thinking, feeling and understanding as well as human wisdom and knowledge – the true predestination and purpose of human fate. It falls to theatre to defend all these values and these will be the tasks in front of all the theatre groups participating in the 30th edition of the ULICA Festival.

During the four days of the festival there will be some 80 artistic events featuring close to 150 performers. Some shows will be addressed to both adults and children. Among the Polish theatre groups we will get to see The 8th Day Theatre, Teatr Biuro Podróży, The KTO Theatre, The Coastal Theatre in Gdansk, The Pinezka Theatre, The Vagabond Theatre and also excellent dance ensembles: Krakow Dance Theatre, “Grupa Wokol Centrum” from the Krakow Choreographic Centre. Foreign theatre groups invited to the festival will be represented by Xarxa, Kamchatka, Periplum, Kitchen Theatre, Delreves, Daniele Burley and Frutilas Con Crème. The festival will begin with a huge parade in the Main Square featuring theatre groups from Germany, France and Poland.

There will be a number of accompanying events organized within the framework of the festival, among them an exhibition of photographs taken during the previous editions of the ULICA Festival, film showings dealing with he history of street art, interactive games for kids of all ages, happenings and workshops.


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