Don Quixote

09.07: 22.00 Kraków | Main Market Square, by the church of St. Adalbert

Don Quixote 

A monumental open-air spectacle with live music performed by Michał Czachowski, a flamenco master, and Michał Sosna, a saxophonist. 


„A little town … just like any other little town. There are plenty of them in the world and they are all alike.  Bustle, hubbub and tumult. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, thieves steal and children laugh. Clutter. Noise. Silent adultery and loud prayers. Matrons, litigants, furious wives, voluptuaries and scoundrels, and you won’t tell who is who, because they cleverly hide behind social positions and Office. And if they do not hold one, then they can disguise in smart attire … . Houses, a slaughterhouse, a market place and a mill … „ 


Script and direction: Jakub Kabus 

Set design: Jakub Kabus, Marek Sobieski 

Horse doll design: Tomasz Frąszczak 

Music: Michał Czachowski, Michał Sosna 


Performers: Alina Bachara, Katarzyna Gogacz, Agnieszka Malicka, Anna Stępień, Marta Zielonka, Kamil Ciesielski, Michał Dorda, Tomasz Frąszczak, Jakub Kabus, Grzegorz Król, Cezary Kruszyna, Maciej Nogieć, Krzysztof Wajda, Grzegorz Żyła 


Premiere: Tychy 2021 

Duration: 60 minutes 

Teatr HoM | Poland

The HoM Theatre is a project that integrates artists involved in the exploration of diverse forms of theatre, performing arts, music and their combinations. The project was initiated by Jakub Kabus, actor and mime theatre director. The project enjoys the patronage of the Small Theatre (Teatr Mały) in Tychy, the Municipal Cultural Center in Tychy and the Silesian Art Works Association. 

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