The new venue for the KTO Theatre indoor performances

Nowe miejsce prezentacji spektakli KTO, fot.: Bartek Cieniawa

Inaugurating the 44th season, we prepared two surprises for you. The first – just before we move to our new home in the Podgórze district, at 50 Zamoyskiego Street, we have a new venue for our indoor performances, the Krakow Chamber Opera in the heart of Kazimierz district, at 15 Miodowa Street. The second surprise is in the form of […]

Thank you!


In times of social distancing, pandemic anxiety turns into fear. The perception of “the culture of free time” is changing. The 33. ULICA Festival has once again made the obvious truth clear – nothing can replace the live connection between the actor and the viewer, between one person and another. Let’s spread the Theatre! Thank […]

THE FRAGRANCE OF TIME on autumn tour

Jesienny ZAPACH CZASU on tour

Yesterday, at the InQbator Theatre Festival in Ostrołęka the KTO Theatre presented The Fragrance of Time. And today the KTO Theatre Dream Team is ready to perform at the 12th Himilsbach Festival in Minsk Mazowiecki for the first time. On the picture, clockwise from top left: Paulina Lasyk, Grażyna Srebrny-Rosa, Justyna Orzechowska, Barbara Wysoczańska-Grochal, Aleksandra Deka, Adam Plewiński, Krzysztof Tyszko, Aleksander […]


Prezentacje festiwalowe – "Zapach Czasu"

This weekend is the penultimate opportunity this season (and the only one in September) to see The Fragrance of Time. We will present it twice, tomorrow (12.09) at 9.30 pm at the InQubator Theatre Festival in Ostrołeka and the following day – on Sunday (13.09) at 8.00 pm at the 12th Himilsbach Festival in Minsk […]

The 33. ULICA starts today!

Rusza 33. Ulica Festiwal

Today is the day! The first ever ULICA Street Theatre Festival September edition starts today! We will meet with you in the traditional for our festival streets and squares in Krakow and Tarnów but… we will also surprise you with new festival locations! You can find all the information on our NEW website For […]

What was the most bizarre thing that happened to you recently?

Karol, one of the main characters of “The Fragrance of Time”, visited Krakow a few days before the festival! Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the second street survey carried out by the KTO Theatre. Please reserve this weekend for us! Do not be late for the train to Krakow! There will be many beautiful meetings! There […]

What would you like to see more of in the streets of Krakow?

Czego brakuje Państwu na krakowskich ulicach?

Should there be more empathy? Or perhaps more… tickets and fines? Or maybe more smiles? More answers in the street survey carried out by the KTO Theatre and diligently filmed by Filip Rudnicki! We are happy to announce that in September there will be more HAPPINESS, more SMILEY FACES, more COLOURS! Thanks to ULICA!


Teatrtelewizji. Komedia semsacyjna, fot. Monika Kozłowska

This Saturday (15.08) at 9 pm, in Katowice – TV Theatre. A thriller comedy directed by Krzysztof Niedźwiedzki. The first stage performance after a very long break is part of the 22. Letni Ogród Teatralny (22nd Summer Theatre Garden). The originator of the festival, Mirosław Neinert, together with the Korez Theatre Group, has been taking care of […]

THE BLIND in Poznań, PEREGRINUS in Sopot

Ślepcy w Poznaniu, fot. Maciej Zakrzewski

Last evening we’ve spent with the great audience of Poznan’s Festival in the Free Outdoor performing The Blind in Stara Rzeźnia. And today, already in Sopot, you can see another show from our repertoire. As part of the “Undiscovered Kracow” event, in the very heart of Sopot – Peregrinus at 6 pm!