We are proud that the theatre community in our country is so large – LETTER TO THE AUDIENCE

Opening of Theatres, 12.02, Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute

Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute has collected data from all over the country on the activity of Polish theatres after they reopened – from 12th to 21nd of February 2021. The collected information and the current pandemic situation prompted the IT Expert Group on Theatres in Pandemic to prepare a LETTER TO THE AUDIENCE, an excerpt of which is published below. Dear Audience! After many months of waiting and uncertainty, as of 12 February, 2021 theatres in Poland can again […]

It was an emotional PREMIERE WEEKEND!

KTO Theatre, The Sunshine Boys, photo Norbert Burkowski

Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys, directed by Paweł Szumiec was, by all means, an exceptional premiere – the first after the lockdown, the first this season, live, with the participation of the audience, including many excellent guests. It was also a jubilee weekend – Leszek Piskorz and Jacek Strama, playing the main characters, celebrated the 50th anniversary of their artistic work. The premiere weekend in Krakow has just finished, and already we would like […]


KTO Theatre, The Sunshine Boys, photo Norbert Burkowski

Tonight, the long-awaited premiere of Neil Simon’s comedy The Sunshine Boys directed by Paweł Szumiec – live, with the audience, starring Leszek Piskorz and Jacek Strama celebrating their 50th anniversary of artistic work. This is the first premiere weekend – in Krakow, hosted by the Krakow Chamber Opera; and in a month’s time, the second premiere will be held at the Municipal Theatre in Leszno, co-producer of the show. Follow us on […]

Summarising the KTO THEATRE for GOCC auctions

New home

Dear Spectators and Friends of the KTO Theatre! The last auctions we prepared for this year’s edition of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity were closed on Sunday. We are pleased to announce that with your generosity we contributed 1791 PLN to the Grand Finale’s moneybox! Thank you very much! The winners of the theatre goodies auctions will be contacted soon.

Weekend with Teatr KTO online

Weselisko, photo Bartek Cieniawa

Finally, the long-awaited decision to open theatres has been announced, and we can invite you to live performances next week! However, we are continuing the KTO Theatre’s online repertoire, and for the last weekend of the carnival, we have two proposals. On Saturday, the 13th of February, at 7 pm, another performance by the master of absurd Krzysztof Niedźwiedzki – This Week’s Saints. A Comedy of Manners. On Sunday, the 14th of February, at 7 pm, Weselisko with […]

An interview with Paweł Szumiec, the director of THE SUNSHINE BOYS

Paweł Szumiec, The Sunshine Boys director, photo Bartek Cieniawa

Paweł Szumiec, the director of The Sunshine Boys, interviewed by Bartek Cieniawa. The first premiere of this season in our theatre, The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon, is due in a few days. How did you get the idea to stage this play as your first production at the KTO Theatre? – I have been talking with director Jerzy Zon about collaboration for a long time. There were several proposals; […]

Last days of the KTO Theatre auctions for the GOCC

Photo Krzysztof Karolczyk / Agencja Gazeta

Our auctions for this year’s Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity are coming to an end: Archive posters from the ULICA festivals / the auction is open until Wednesday, February 10th Archive posters from the KTO Theatre’s performances / the auction is open until Thursday, February 11th Two exclusive albums published by the KTO Theatre / the auction is open until Thursday, February 11th An invitation to the inauguration gala of the KTO Theatre’s […]

THIS WEEK’S SAINTS. A COMEDY OF MANNERS, Saturday, 13.02; access from 7 pm till midnight

This Week's Saints. A Comedy of Manners, Teatr KTO online, photo Aneta Belcik i No. photos

Dear Spectators! Once again, pandemic reality forces us to cancel performances with audience participation. Past evenings with the KTO Theatre online have attracted several thousand spectators. Your presence and the friendly messages of support you share with us after each broadcast keep our spirits high in these challenging times for culture. On the 13th of February, instead of a theatre sequence, we have for you […]

THE BEGINNING OF AN END ONLINE as part of 14th Katowice Comedy Carnival 02.02 at 7 pm

The page of The Beginning of an End show at the Katowice Comedy Carnival

We have the pleasure to invite you to watch the first festival presentation of AD 2021 – The Beginning of an End ONLINE as part of the 14th Katowice Comedy Carnival. Iza Kała presents her one-women show in an excellent company. The 14th edition of the festival hosts, among others, Krystyna Janda, Magdalena Zawadzka, Gabriela Muskała, Grażyna Wolszczak, Marian Opania and Jan Peszek. It is a carnival, and joy and laughter are healthy – this is how […]


KTO dla WOŚP, fot. Bartek Cieniawa

Dear Spectators and Friends of the KTO Theatre! Once again we are supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This year’s fundraiser’s focus is on children’s laryngology, otolaryngology, and head diagnostics. We have prepared fantastic prizes for you to bid for in our auction on Allegro! An invitation to the inauguration gala of the KTO Theatre’s new home at 50 Zamoyskiego Street in the second half of 2021 (with an overnight stay in the picturesque […]