The 2nd Student Performance Review AKTOMAR

AKTOMAR refers to the tradition of student reviews, during which the work of young interdisciplinary artists dealing with performing arts, who are at the beginning of their artistic path, is presented. The idea behind the review is the possibility of creating a testing ground recognizable on the map of Poland, which stimulates the integration of the university, theater and local communities. The program presented every year at the KTO Theater in Krakow includes performances, satires trashes (original : ramotki), ephemeral etudes, […]

FOUR MORE – a series of stage compositions for four female performers and their bodies, space, sound and light

“Four More” is a series of stage compositions for four female performers and their bodies, space, sound and light. The performance is an aesthetic continuation of the theatre and dance performance “Four”, created in 2018. — January 11 in the KTO Theatre Tickets >>> here — Anyone who meditates on four things would be better for him never to be born: what is above, what is below, what is before and what is after. Source: Hagigah, Talmud — […]

„Peregrinus” in London

On October 22, at 2 p.m. „Peregrinus”, a no words show created by Jerzy Zoń, will be shown for the second time at BELL SQUARE in London. The first presentation in this extraordinary space took place in 2016.   Bell Square is an exciting outdoor arts space in the heart of Hounslow, launched in 2014. It’s a place where anyone and everyone can come to see some of the best outdoor performers in the world, for free. Featuring anything from circus […]

KTO Theater with an award in the competition „Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st century”

Dear Audience and Friends, we have great news! During the Gala of the competition „Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st century”, which took place on September 28, 2022 in Warsaw, we were awarded and received the title of Modernization of the Year 2021 in the category „Memory of historical places”.     We are extremely grateful and happy.   We thank the Mayor of the City of Krakow, prof. Jacek Majchrowski, the Krakow City Council and the European Funds.   Congratulations to the Director of the KTO […]

UNBODY (Hertz Haus) – the winners of the „The Best Off” competition will perform at the KTO Theater

Let’s look at the human body today. Here is the finished form known to everyone. A pair of upper limbs, a pair of limbs harmonious symmetry, the head is seated at the forehead of the body, the heaviest of the elements below the torso. Man assembly line production. However, it cannot be assumed that every silhouette is identical at the factory. People they are physically different, they have different skin and hair colors, different body shapes, different facial contours, but […]

What does The Time smell like?

Na pierwszym planie trójkołowy rowerek. Za rowerkiem, plecami do obiektywu stoi mężczyzna ubrany w poszarpany kostium. Ma bose stopy, na plecach trzyma akordeon. Obok niego chłopiec w niebieskim ubranku i czarnym kaszkiecie. Oboje patrzą przed siebie na wynurzające się z dymu cztery kobiety w czarnych sukienkach, na bosaka i z małymi tobołkami na ramieniu. Wszystko oświetlone mocnym, niebieskim światłem. Z lewej strony za barierkami publiczność.

Jerzy Zoń, the director of the performance „The Fragrance of Time”, looks for answers to this question in his biography and the work of Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Hugo Claus and Emil Zegadłowicz. Thanks to his considerations, by more than hour, the audience are led on a trail of various reflections, picturesquely presented in subsequent scenes full of childhood fantasies, dreams visions, hopes and fears.   The poetry and melancholy of street theatre kidnapped the audience and took it into the world of Zoń. […]

Short movie „I’ll Sell the House in Which I Can Live No More” at Play Kraków

We are glad to invite you to watch the Filip Rudnicki’s short movie adaptation of the well-known Jerzy Zoń’s performance „I’ll Sell the House in Which I Can Live No More”. Link to the movie >>> here Available until July 29 Short movie dir. by Filip Rudnicki based on the KTO Theater performance of the same title, dir. by Jerzy Zoń is inspired by the life and work of Bohumil Hrabal. In the film version of the performance, Zoń and Rudnicki faultlessly translate […]

The KTO Theater with the main prize in the 15th edition of the „Krakow Without Barriers” competition

We are extremely proud and happy. The KTO Theater received the main prize in the category „accessible architecture” of the 15th edition of the „Kraków Without Barriers” competition. Thanks a lot. For over a dozen years, the competition has been helping to promote good practices, innovations and architectural solutions, as well as initiatives, attitudes and projects that allow people with disabilities to participate in the life of the city.

Polish horizon

*** I wander through the field of your forehead the illuminated path between the furrows of worry to the horizon of gray hair and more deeply into the garden of thought (…) from Regina Lipecka’s collection of poems „Kites”    The cyclops woman looking from the billboard announcing the 35th ULICA Jubilee Festival bears no resemblanceto the mythical giants who tend herds of sheep and raise gigantic walls withbare hands. Thisimage that might as well be put on the cover of a fashion […]

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