The winning „ARCADIA” goes on tour

fot. Teatr Polska / Facebook

The coming months promise to be very busy for Kraków’s KTO Theatre. Just after the announcement of the stage and away repertoire, great news came. The spectacle „ARCADIA”, directed by Jerzy Zoń, with choreography by Eryk Makohn , became one of the 15 final performances in the TEATR POLSKA program and will be presented throughout the country in centers where institutional theater does not operate.


The TEATR POLSKA program has been organized since 2009 by the Theater Institute named after / nm. Zbigniew Raszewski in order to increase the mobility of theaters and popularize the theatrical art.


The program is financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.


In addition, the KTO Theater announced a further tour. From May to September, the KTO Theater will visit countries such as England, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Albania, Slovakia and many Polish cities.

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