The Wedding

09.07: 18.00 Kraków | Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego Square by the Galeria Krakowska Shopping Centre

10.07: 19.00 Kraków | Main Market Square, by the church of St. Adalbert

8.07: 16.00 Tarnów | Main Square in Tarnów

The Wedding  

Inspired by The Wedding, a drama by Stanisław Wyspiański, and also by folk traditions, this theatre production explores the timeless theme of the union of a woman and a man. Its dramaturgy is based on wedding rituals and the songs, dances and customs that accompany them. However, going beyond a simple reconstruction of the rite, the performance turns into a universal story about two central points of the world. It takes the form of a journey, the acts of which take place in subsequent stages that animate “non-theatrical” urban spaces such as streets and squares. And so, viewers can take a part in a wedding procession, join the songs and dances and participate in various games, becoming thus wedding guests. The wedding procession itself is coloured with a pinch of irony, absurd and kitsch. Actors play and sing, creating spontaneous live music. On many different levels, the performance bears references  to modern life and turns into a metaphor for the modern world, populated by both the good and the bad. 


Directed by: Wiktor Wiktorczyk  

Second director: Artur Lis 

Costumes: Ilona Szurkowska 

Music: Bartosz Smorągiewicz 


Performers: Monika Borysiak, Renata Daszczuk, Monika Maliszewska-Lis, Anna Mika, Katarzyna Stefanowicz, Sylwia Zdunkiewicz, Artur Lis, Piotr Świtalski, Artur Żebrowski and the Smorągiewicz Band 


Duration: 50 minutes 

Teatr Makata | Poland

The Makata Theatre was established in 1995. Ever since the group has been focused on their exploration of the boundaries of theatre and creation of performances in experimental spaces, including outdoor locations and industrial venues. They have also been active in their search for new forms of expression, exceeding traditional borders of theatre, such as happenings and visual art presentations. 

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