The Station of Witness

08.07: 22.00 Kraków | Main Market Square, by the Town Hall Tower

09.07: 23.00 Kraków | Main Market Square, by the Town Hall Tower

10.07: 21.00 Kraków | Podgórze Market Square

Teatr Brama_Stacja Świadek © Michał Żak
Teatr Brama_Stacja Świadek © Michał Żak

The Station of Witness 


The Station of Witness is an original performance based on interviews with former and current residents of Goleniów. The community of the so-called „Reclaimed Lands” before and after World War II consisted of Poles and Germans, who were forced to migrate due to the political situation of the time. Inspiration was drawn from authentic stories of the people who had to find themselves anew in a completely different post-war reality. The authors search for the myth of a new place, they ask questions about their own and common identity. They build a tradition that is new, still sought after and multicultural. The performance, accompanied by original live music played by the Brama Theatre Band, is also an attempt to find links between the two communities which, in difficult circumstances, had to leave their homes and set off into the unknown in order to find a safe place to live.  


Directed by: Daniel Jacewicz  

Co-created by: Edyta Rogowska, Dorota Porowska, Thomas Avenhaus 

Music: The Brama Theatre Band 

Video: Michał Nogala, Michał Żak  

Sound: Jacek Gałkiewicz  

Lighting: Wojciech Rosiński, Elias Saadedine, Filip Stachura 


Performers: Evanthi Athanasiadi, Jennifer Crissey, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Weronika Więzowska, Konrad Bartoszewicz, Patryk Bednarski, Bartłomiej Kwaśniewicz, Aleksander Kwietniak, Wojciech Rosiński, Kamil Więzowski 


Premiere: Goleniów, 2021 

Duration: 60 minutes 

Teatr Brama | Poland

Teatr Brama, meaning in a word for word translation The Gate Theatre was founded in 1996 in Goleniów by Daniel Jacewicz. The name of the company comes from its first headquarters in Brama Wolińska (an old city gate known asThe Wolin Gate”). It is an independent multinational theatre group, known in Poland as well as internationally. In Goleniow, where the company has its seat, they have managed to create a vibrant cultural environment manifested through performances, workshops and a variety of artistic projects run during the annual theatre festivals entitled BRAMAT and ŁAKNIENIA. The company’s main motivation for their artistic and socially engaged cultural activities is to revolutionize the relationship between the artists and their audience. They turn performances into meetingwith creative space for participation and dialogue.  


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