9.07: 7:30pm Tarnów | Main Square

10.07: 3pm, 6pm Kraków | Main Market Square

11.07: 5pm Kraków | Main Market Square

Fot. David Galjaard

An expressive and playful visual show without words for audiences of all ages. An over the top romantic comedy in the style of a traditional silent movie. A man and a woman are suspended from rusty steel springs. They are limited in their freedom of movement, but within the limits the possibilities are limitless… In the 20 minute show the cliché about the relations between men and women is built up to a tragicomic love story: from the moment they meet, till the inevitable “and they lived happily ever after”.

Hendrick-Jan de Stuntman meets Merel Kamp | Netherlands

Jos van Wees has worked as a street theatre maker and clown for 25 years. Merel Kamp has been involved in visual performance art since 2003. Four years ago they started working together and combined their art forms. This resulted in a unique visual language that appeals to audiences around the world.

Concept: Jos van Wees, Merel Kamp
Direction: Vincent de Rooij

Performers: Merel Kamp, Jos van Wees

Duration: 22’

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