Poor Folk

10.07: 19.00 Kraków | Small Market Square

Poor Folk 

The main character of this performance is a poor clerk with a heart of gold. He is not young any more, others consider him funny, and he is underestimated by everyone. That poor man allows himself the luxury of loving – disinterestedly – and protecting the object of his feelings from the snares and hardships of life, for which he pays with starvation and humiliation. However, he finds motivation for hard work and sacrifices in helping a young woman, an orphan, who was once troubled by unwanted advances of an unscrupulous rich man. The only great joy and a springboard from sadness that the two protagonists share are the letters which, with great commitment, they regularly exchange. Thanks to these letters, we get to know their lives, sorrows, joys and regrets. We see how they perceive the world and discover the value of a humane approach to another human being. It has a timeless dimension, especially in the current situation in the world. 


Directed by: Mikołaj Wiepriew 

Stage set design: Michail Milmeyster 


Performers: Mikołaj Wiepriew, Dominika Jucha and actors of the Nikoli Theatre 


Premiere: Krakow, 2021 

Duration: 50 minutes  

Teatr Nikoli | Poland

The Nikoli Theatre was founded in Kiev in 1990 by Mikołaj Wiepriew. Since 1992 it has been operating in Poland. It participates regularly in domestic and international theatre festivals. It also runs theatre workshops all over the country and beyond its borders. It was the originator and producer of the “Smile Festival” in Krakow (2002), the “Science Fiction Festival” in Wieliczka (2003) and the First Mime Festival in Krakow (2013). 

On the 13th of June 2013, the Nikoli Theatre, and its leader Mikołaj Wiepriew in person, were awarded by the Mayor of the City of Krakow with the Honoris Gratia distinction for their worthy representation of the city of Krakow on the local and international arena. 

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