Podgórze Theatre Parade


Working together for an inclusive Europe

The KTO Theatre presents:
August 19, 4 to 9 pm
Podgórze Market Square in Krakow

The leitmotif of the Podgórze Theatre Parade will be Theatre of Roots, i.e. the subject of ethnic minorities. Performances, dance shows, workshops and a concert will bring closer the symbolism of traditional songs and dances, the message they convey to the audience and the world, as well as the rituals that have accompanied them for centuries.


4 pm – Lemko Song and Dance Ensemble KYCZERA – performance
5 pm – Lemko Song and Dance Ensemble KYCZERA – Lemko dance WORKSHOPS
To register for the workshops please write to rezerwacja@teatrkto.pl

6 pm – Teatr MIGRO – DROM – on the Paths of the Roma
7.30 pm – Teatr MIGRO – THE BENCH

8 pm – Karolina Cicha TRIO – Tatar songs Concert

The Lemkos inhabited areas of Beskid Sądecki and Beskid Niski, as well as part of the Pieniny Mountains. In 1947, they were displaced, mainly to the western territories, and today the largest cluster of Lemkos is located in Lower Silesia, near Legnica, where the Lemko Song and Dance Ensemble KYCZERA originated. The name of the ensemble is the name of a mountain – in the Lemko tradition. It was a meeting place for the entire community where they spend time together singing and dancing. More about the activities of the KYCZERA ensemble in the Dzień Dobry TVN raport available HERE (in Polish).

DROM by Teatr MIGRO is a poetic philosophical tale about migration and history of the Roma – the ethnic group that inhabits nearly all countries of the world and about which we know very little. The axis of the narrative of this show without words is built on the Roma music from various countries of the world. On the other hand, THE BENCH is a light-hearted story about imperceptible duels, the subtle battles we engage in every day.

In the evening, join us for a concert recreating the forgotten music of Polish Tatars. For centuries, Tatars cultivated their oriental cuisine, customs and religious distinctiveness. However, the music they brought with them fell silent along with their language. Karolina Cicha decided to revive this forgotten music, even though the search for its traces lasted three years. It was a journey far east into the archaic scales of the Asian steppes.

The Podgórze Theater Parade is part of the Four Shades of Theatre project, co-financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA) 2014-2021, Culture Programme, Outcome 2 Access to culture and art.

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