There aren't many contemporary comedies that are as entertaining as the Ink for the Left-handed by Krzysztof Niedźwiedzki.

Ewelina Zambrzycka, Echo Miasta Kraków

Don’t ask me what it’s all about. Don’t turn yourselves into those poor souls known as matter-of-fact (of course!), objective (of course!) and professional (of course!) reviewers … oh, sorry, one should say: critics with Master’s degrees. What’s it all about? And what are van Gogh’s Sunflowers about? Or Mr Bean’s face, or Tolstoy’s eye (…)? Come on! There is enough shame on this planet anyway.
Don’t expect anything. Count on the flare of words. There will be a magic hat marvellously empowering this peculiar no-plot plot, there will be actors who know what they say and there will be much air – and amidst all that – your laughing corpse. Amen. Amen. Not enough for you?

Paweł Głowacki, Dziennik Polski

Ink for the Left-handed

A Comedy of the Absurd

Krzysztof Niedźwiedzki

The world the wrong way round, a present-day circus deeply steeped in the grotesque. Ink for the Left-handed is full of brilliant and intelligent comicality as it takes the audience to a distant reality where fantasy, unconventionality and freedom of expression triumph. It is a unique museum of silence of logic ruled by the grotesque element of human nature.

Magdalena Lis,

Ink for the Left-handed is a sort of game in which four actors endowed with extraordinary imagination manage to bring out lots of verbal and situational comicality out of prosaic activities related to everyday life.

Ink for the Left-handed is the first show by Krzysztof Niedźwiecki produced in the KTO Theatre. It is a contemporary comedy of manners. It consists of several inter-merging scenes, packed with absurd humour. The idea of the show, however, is to avoid any literalness of meaning and so the characters cannot be related to any place or time. They appear on the stage and generate multiple new developments and new incarnations.

Script and stage direction
Krzysztof Niedźwiedzki

Jerzy Zając

Jacek Buczyński, Norbert Burkowski, Paweł Rybak, Maciej Słota

May 7, 2008

75 minutes

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