9.07: 6pm Tarnów | Main Square

11.07: 2pm, 8pm Kraków | Main Market Square

Fot. Nikola_Milatovic

Pelat is a piece that crosses the boundaries between dance, circus, theatre and performance, and also between audience and stage. As a dialogue between human performer, object and gesture, it intends to leave space to the imagination and to involve audiences in a transitory ritual of shared experience and responsibility. Created in 2013, the show soon received a number of prestigious awards and has travelled around the world ever since.

Joan Català | Spain

Joan Català Carrasco was trained in several circus schools (Madrid, Barcelona, Moscow) specializing in acrobatic balance and enriched his acting skills by practising and training in contemporary dance, physical theatre and clowning with several masters.

Joan Català Carrasco is a curious observer interested in the plastic and movement arts where the human body and the surrounding objects are communicators. He understands the scene as a space for dialogue between humans, objects and the environment where amusement and work melt together with the tools, experiences and ideas that are brought by each of us.

Concept and direction: Joan Català
Consultations: Roser Tutusaus, Melina Pereyra, Jordi Casanovas, David Climent y Pablo Molinero (Los Corderos)

Performer: Joan Català

Duration: 45’

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