Old Homestead

9.07: 4-8pm Kraków | Small Market Square

10, 11.07: 2-6pm Kraków | Small Market Square

Fot. Michel Spingler

Old Homestead is an interactive theatre installation which invites visitors of ages to an old homestead full of old tools once used by craftsmen and “stations” where families can stop and play games. You will also see an old wash-house, a smithy where horse shoes are made, an old soap-works and even a privy. Particularly noteworthy are the installations for practising old-time activities, such as cutting and pickling cabbage, making pots, threshing and grinding grain. The young will be able to participate in old sports and games, such as shooting with a catapult, fights with bags, playing music with saws, riding on a rocking horse, playing on old swings an see-saws, in an old bowling alley and even in a wooden gym.

Teatr Wagabunda | Poland

The company whose name translates as The Wagabunda Theatre (The “Vagabond” Theatrewas founded in 2002 by Boguslaw Pobiedzinski who had been previously involved in a number of different artistic projects. The company has taken part in numerous theatre festivals in Poland and abroad. The performers, among whom there are trained pedagogues, circus artists, theatre actors and handicraft enthusiasts, have years of experience in audience animation.

Script, scenography, direction: Bogusław Pobiedziński
Music: Maciej Skuratowicz

Performers: Agata Rusin, Bogusław Pobiedziński, Marcin Ptaszkowski

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