Monsieur Charlie

9.07: 8.30pm Tarnów | Main Square

10.07: 8pm Kraków | Main Market Square

Fot. Grzegorz Krzysztofik

The show, kept in the mime convention and reflecting the style of silent movies, is a tribute to the works of Charlie Chaplin. The artists mainly took inspiration from his early works – short pieces, frequently abstract in nature, with a potential for comicality and with a touch of sentimentality. It is made up of three humorous parts played in the convention of pantomime and reflecting the style of silent movies. The entire piece is enriched by piano music played live. The show won an award of distinction for a collective creation at the 19th Festival of Theatre Art in Rybnik and an award for the lead actor at the 2017 Top Off Festival in Tychy.

Teatr HoM | Poland

The HoM Theatre was established in 2014 in Tychy at the initiative of Jakub Kabus and Katarzyna Kabus. It is focused mainly on pantomime and outdoor shows. The HoM Theatre is the host of the Tychy Festival of Independent Theatres Andromedon, the 7th edition of which will take place in 2021.

Script, direction: Jakub Kabus
Musical setting: Andrzej Lipiński

Performers: Daria Dorda, Katarzyna Kabus, Marta Zielonka, Kamil Ciesielski, Michał Dorda, Jakub Kabus, Grzegorz Król, Michał Lipiński

Duration: 50’

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