Message for the World Theatre Day by Helen Mirren

THE SUNSHINE BOYS, photo Bartek Cieniawa
THE SUNSHINE BOYS, photo Bartek Cieniawa

World Theatre Day Message 2021

This has been such a very difficult time for live performance and many artists,
technicians and craftsmen and women have struggled in a profession that is already
fraught with insecurity.

Maybe that always present insecurity has made them more able to survive this pandemic
with wit and courage.

Their imagination has already translated itself, in these new circumstances, into
inventive, entertaining and moving ways to communicate, thanks of course in large part
to the internet.

Human beings have told each other stories for as long as they have been on the planet.
The beautiful culture of theatre will live for as long as we stay here.

The creative urge of writers, designers, dancers, singers, actors, musicians, directors, will
never be suffocated and in the very near future will flourish again with a new energy and
a new understanding of the world we all share.

I can’t wait!

Helen Mirren
Award-winning Stage, Screen and Television Actress, Dame of the British Empire

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