Me, Mussolini!

5.09: 2pm, 7pm Kraków | Main Market Square

Fot. Javier Encinas

This stirring performance is much more than an ordinary clown show. Playing the role of the Italian leader and creator of fascism Benito Mussolini, Leo Bassi cleverly combines gags with a deep reflection on contemporary radicalisms and political manipulations against which we should defend ourselves with all our might. How? Let’s hear the artist’s voice:

How best to make fun of Fascism than going to the man that came up with the idea? We, the clowns, are on the front lines of anti-fascist resistance, using laughter as the antidote to the ideology of violence.

Leo Bassi | Spain

An Italian clown, comedian, presenter and actor born in New York in 1952. He comes from an Italian-English-French family with a long circus tradition. His father was a famous juggler working in the United States. Initially Leo Bassi performed in the Bassi Trio with his father and his aunt. He then began a solo career, performing and touring around the world. He describes himself as a buffoon. He stands out for his vivid views – critical towards capitalism, all ideologies and state institutions. He says, ”I was brought up with the idea that Clowns sided with the lower class, with the poor and expressed loud and clear what ordinary people thought”. In his shows he refers to contemporary reality, frequently criticising and mocking social injustice and hypocrisy of politicians.

Script, direction, performer: Leo Bassi

Duration: 70’

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