4.09: 3pm Kraków | Main Market Square

5.09: 5:30pm Kraków | Main Market Square

Fot. Katarzyna Tulej

Loydyrydy is a story about two neighbouring villages: Kopydlina and Samborz which are struck by a series of misfortunes. The villagers try to do something about it but in vain. Their attempts to dismiss village leaders or to build a roadside public toilet all come to nothing. All that is left for them is to hope for some external help. Finally their prayers are answered and the “Gentlemen from Warsaw” arrive. They start training the locals and teach them how to apply for a grant to promote their regional products, the most important of which is… caffe latte made from milk straight from a cow. Loydyrydy is a comedy show full of dance and music. You will have the chance to see a collection of Polish folk dances: kujawiak, oberek, mazur, as well as listen to contemporary renditions of Polish folk music.

Teatr Pijana Sypialnia | Polska

The company was established in 2012 by actors, musicians, singers and dancers who share non-standard thinking about theatre. Their shows combine acting with polyphonic singing, dance and live music. Having found old dusty texts and tunes they match them with contemporary creations from pop culture and for this reason they are sometimes referred to as “vintage theatre”. The company consists of over 100 people: a group of actors, a vocal ensemble, an orchestra and a team of dancers. Along with regular theatres the company is also ready to perform in unusual and venues such as coffee houses, streets, parks and other surprising places. The main aim of the company is to provide the audience with large amounts of untamed joy and positive energy.

Script: Karolina Lichocińska, Sławomir Narloch
Choreography: Mariusz Żwierko, Blanka Miętkiewicz
Music and vocal coaching: Daniel Zieliński
Stage direction and set design: Stanisław Dembski

Performers: Zuzanna Błońska-Romanowska, Klara Chauvin, Magdalena Czuba, Aleksandra Dudczak, Aleksandra Gajek, Aleksandra Iwanowska, Katarzyna Lasota, Karolina Lichocińska, Blanka Miętkiewicz, Maja Piątkowska, Jan Bogdaniuk, Wojciech Gawrych, Adam Hadi, Sławomir Narloch, Jakub Pawlak, Dawid Pietrzak, Sebastian M. Słomiński, Michał Zieliński
oraz muzycy: Kamila Adamska, Ksenia Bowtruczuk, Agata Frysz, Magdalena Górska, Anita Kander-Marchewka, Katarzyna Wasiak, Maria Wierzbicka, Paweł Kielak, Bernard Łasecki, Bartłomiej Słojewski, Daniel Zieliński

Duration: 80’

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