Pinezka the Clown's Marionettes

4.09: 2pm Kraków | Main Market Square

5.09: 4pm Kraków | Main Market Square

An Epidemic of Laughter or the Theatre of Pinezka

9.07: 6pm Kraków | Main Market Square

10.07: 4pm Kraków | Arena Garden, next to TAURON Arena Kraków

11.07: 4pm Kraków | Main Market Square

Photo from artist's archive
The Marionette Stars we have seen in various Pinezka Theatre productions over the last 30 years create this show. They are all hand-made by the director, Przemysław Grządziela. Clown Pinezka has travelled with them almost all over the world, receiving multiple awards at various festivals. Live music from the original Spanish barrel piano Flaventia makes the show even more charming.



Photo from artist's archive

Be careful! Laughter is contagious! You can laugh your head off or even die from laughing. However, let’s not forget that having a good laugh is the best remedy for all kinds of sorrow!

Teatr Pinezka | Poland

A street theatre founded by Przemysław Grządziela in 1980 in Gdańsk. The company’s specialties include pantomime, clowning, juggling, acrobatics, dance, stilts walking and puppetry, as well as the magic of traditional commedia dell’arte.


Performers: Przemysław Grządziela, Maciej Słowik

Duration: 50’

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