Witold Siemaszkiewicz

Graphic designer and typographer. A demanding and uncompromising creator. Associated with the KTO Theatre continuously since its creation in 1977. He created the graphic design of all KTO’s performances and all editions of the ULICA Street Theatre Festival. He is the author of the artistic concept and graphic design for the theatre’s books and promotional publications.

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krackw. For many years he has been cooperating with many publishing houses, including Znak, Wydawnictwo Literackie, Wydawnictwo Pascal and festivals, including Beethoven Festival, Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow as well as the Krakow Festival Office.

He has received many prestigious awards, those particularly worthy of mention are three times in the international Clio Awards in the „press cover” category and the „Intergraphia” award of the Krakow Graphic Arts Biennale.

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