9.07: 6pm Kraków | Arena Garden, next to TAURON Arena Kraków

10.07: 6pm Kraków | Small Market Square

11.07: 7pm Kraków | Small Market Square

Fot. z archiwum artystów

An original version of the popular legend about the dragon living in a cave at the foot of the Wawel royal castle in Kraków, addressed to the youngest members of the audience. Colourful costumes, friendly characters in the style of comedy dell’arte and swift developments of the plot lead the children through the world of simple and obvious values. Full of cheerful humour and warm atmosphere, the show is enthusiastically received by viewers.

Teatr Scena 96 | Poland

Established in 2018, the group operates within the structures of the Stage 96 Association of Warsaw. This organization of artists, cultural activists and managers, founded in 1996, has produced a number of theatre and dance shows, festivals and educational workshops. Its flagship project is The International Festival of Street Art.

Dramaturgy: Maciej Dużyński
Stage set: Urszula Kubicz-Fik
Music: Marek Żurawski

Performers: Małgorzata Wolańska, Maciej Dużyński, Dariusz Jarosiński

Duration: 60’

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