Chorus of orphans – show without words

photo: Adam Golec

19, 20 XI, 7 pm

KTO Theatre, Zamoyskiego 50 St.

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The essence of the show is the loneliness of a contemporary human being trapped in a net of individual and social limitations. (…) A huge impression is made by a universal, innovative stage set and the energetic physicality of the actors hypnotising the audience. (…) Without a shadow of doubt Chorus of Orphans is one of the best foreign productions of this year’s 35th edition of the Fadjr International Theatre Festival in Tehran.

Acting is perfect. There is an incredibly harmonious team of talented individuals on the stage. (…) The actors have managed to work out an extraordinary level of mutual listening and through movement, facial expressions and sounds they create a real choir which composes itself with the symphony without striking a false note. Lighting, props and stage design are also flawless. There is nothing redundant, nothing can be taken out without destroying the intricate composition of the performance.

Miłosz Mieszkalski, Dziennik Teatralny Kraków

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fot. Adam Golec
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