Black Satori – audiovisual performance​


Alek Janicki’s audio-visual performance entitled BlackSatori binds picture and sound, allowing the audience to reach spheres inaccessible to intellectual speculation. It is an attempt at getting an insight into a meta-reality beyond a specific time, place and a paradox, which is a clue for interpretation, is hidden in the title of the piece itself. BlackSatori – black enlightenment? It bears reference to the koans in the tradition of Zen, a method that triggers some practices aiming at reaching a path to enlightenment. Iconosphere and phonosphere constitute here a consolidated eco-system of a quasi-meditational spectacle. The piece, based on paradoxical, coincidental associations and subconsciously received impressions generated with a Big DADA Generator (images) and an EEG brain wave scanner (sound), strives at maximal simplicity and clarity of form, regardless of its complex instrumentarium. Both in its audial and visual layers the piece is created in real time, ”here and now”, as an outcome of actions taken by the  performer with the use of algorithms. The camera with which he produces a constantly changing inventory of images generates evolving pictures in which the performer and his audience are immersed. All elements of theatre space, including the performer and his viewers, turn into a screen.

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”Black Satori” by Aleksander Janicki is a performance presented within the framework of the KTO Theatre’s project called Four Shades of Theatre and co-financed from the funds of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, Programme ”Culture”, Outcome 2: ”Access to Culture and Art Improved”.

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