Paulina Lasyk

Paulina Lasyk

Graduate of the Lart Studio and the University School of Physical Education in Krakow. In 2018, she was elected the Nicest Student of Krakow.

Paulina trained ballroom dancing, dancehall and hip hop. She began her theatre adventure in the Culture Centre in Nowy Targ, where she trained for two years under the supervision of Juliusz Chrząstowski.

She performs in DROM – on the paths of the Roma by the Migro Theatre.

She started working with the KTO Theatre in 2013, performing in Rondo directed by Piotr Bikont, as well as in open-air shows such as Exodus (2016), Vivat Kościuszko!, F451 – KRAKOW (2017), Biało-Czerwona (2018).

Currently, in the cast of The Blind, Chorus of Orphans, Peregrinus and The Fragrance of Time.

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