Arti Grabowski

Arti Grabowski

Graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. An interdisciplinary artist – painter, sculptor, actor, performer, theatre director.

At his Alma Mater, he heads the Performance Art Studio (Faculty of Intermedia). He is the author of performances and theatre shows.

His artistic collaborations include the Porywacze ciał Theatre from Poznań, producing five performances, the Brama Theatre and Stowarzyszenie Fort Sztuki. With Zbigniew Szumski he created the project Warunki zabudowy bordering on the art theatre and performance. He directed monodramas Kamica 79 and W zawieszeniu.
He is a programmer and co-organizer of performance art festivals in Poland, including International Performers Meetings in Sopot. He also creates video art and InstalAction.

His play Panic Report directed by Marek Kościółek is in the KTO Theate repertoire since 2018.

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