A Través del Humo

10.07: 5pm Kraków | Podgórze Market Square

11.07: 7pm Kraków | Podgórze Market Square

Photo Andrzej Kazłowski

Two artists, Bogumiła Delimata „La Bogusha” and Cristo Osorio, meet on the stage to take the audiencje on a musical journey to the lands filled with flamenco, Gypsy music, fiery rumba and rhythmic bolero. In their show A Través del Humo dance and music levitate over the countries, races and traditions represented by the musicians endowed with expertise and experience.

Duration: 50’

Bogumiła Delimata La Bogusha & Cristo Osorio | Spain, Poland

Bogumiła Delimata „La Bogusha” is a painter and flamenco dancer. She was born in Wroclaw, Poland in a Roma family with a long musical tradition. For over a dozen years now she has lived in Granada.

Cristobal Osorio, born in Barcelona, is one of the most distinguished flamenco singers. Currently he is also involved in contemporary theatre Projects in Spain and Poland.

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