The Room

5.09 | 19.30 | Kraków, The Aleja Róż Avenue

6.09 | 19.00 | Kraków, The Main Market Square, by the church of St. Adalbert

Photo. Łukasz Unterschuetz

A solitary inhabitant of an extraordinary room situated in the space between dream and reality keeps waiting, dreaming and recalling. The world which surrounds him is dwarfish, though densely populated. Sometimes he envies the characters who live there. However, in a normal room he would not be able to lead a happy life. Dreaming about love, he does not notice the one who cares about him, organizes his life and at times, becomes his partner – presumably not only in a dream. Actually, she could be one, if only he were able to perceive her…

Is he dreaming in a dream? Are we, the audience, a part of his dream? Shall we still exist when he stops dreaming?

Teatr Snów | Poland

Established in Gdansk in 1983, Teatr Snów is one of the leading Polish representatives of street theatre. The company is renowned for its unique poetic style of presentation of simple stories rooted in everyday life, enriched with metaphors and spectacular means of expression (movement, visuality, use of stilts). It has toured in Poland and abroad, participating in numerous theatre festivals (Archangelsk, Avignon, Berne, Delft,  Edinburgh, Ghent,  Sankt Petersburg, Seville (EXPO’92), Stockton and performing in many towns of Belgium, The Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Moldavia, Romania and Ukraine.

script, set design, direction:
Zdzisław Górski

Zdzisław Górski, Martyna Molska, Monika Pluto Prądzyńska, Monika Roguszczak, Agata Szulc, Roksana Wiczk

Kościan, Poland, 2005


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