Wiśniowy sad
Photo. Adrian Pîclișan

One of the most important plays by Anton Chekhov, translated into the language of street theatre with its characteristic elements such as stilts, mobile structures, emotional music, live fire and special effects. The production is focused on the theme of transience, inevitable loss of love, attachment and longing. With the help of warm lyricism and well-disposed irony its director has managed to construct the cast of Cherry Orchard characters in a masterly way.

The show has won the Grand Prix of the White Tower International Theatre Festival in Brest (Belarus) and the Jury Award of the 10th “Voices of History” Theatre Festival in Vologda (Russia).

The Voskresinnia Lviv Academic Theatre | Ukraine

Established by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn in 1990, the company was born on the wave of social transformations following Ukraine’s regained independence. It soon won the hearts of the audience presenting world drama, which had never been shown in the Ukraine before. Step by step, combining traditional acting styles based on psychological insight with modern visual forms, the troupe managed to work out an original stage formula of its own. It also gained appreciation and fame for its attractive outdoor shows performed with a flair and excellent acting.

The group has been frequently invited to Poland and participated in numerous theatre festivals: in Arad, Arkhangelsk, Bratislava, Bremen, Brest, Cairo, Edinburgh, Goerlitz,  Holzminden, Lenz, Leuven, Ljubljana, Maribor, Montegranaro, Moscow, Novi Sad, Prague, Salamanca, Seoul, Valladolid, Vatz, Tehran, Timisoara and Trabzon.
In 2010, in recognition of impressive artistic achievement, the company was conferred a highly prestigious title of the academic theatre.

Yaroslav Fedoryshyn

stage set and costumes:
Alla Fedoryshyna

directing cooperation and lighting:
Krzysztof Dubiel

Sergiy Kondratovich

Nataliya Marchak, Halyna Strychak/Nataliya Lukashonok, Tetiana Tkachenko, Volodymyr Gubanow, Petro Mykytuk, Yuriy Philipchuk, Volodymyr Chukhonkin, Evgeniy Petrow, Yaroslav Korniychuk, Sergiy Chygis

Lviv, 2006



A poetic, symbolic performance employing street theatre means of expression in a competent way.

Marta A. Szatkowska, „Tygodnik Płocki”

In the glow of fire, carts, bicycles and scooters ride around, fireworks are shot towards the sky and bells toll. And Chekhov’s spirit is felt there all the time.

Andrzej Molik, „Kurier Lubelski”

Absorbing music, colourful lights, stilt-walkers, coat hangers as a an element of space and fire – all of that created a fairy atmosphere of the story about the eternal threat of our loss of freedom and love, and also about the world ruled by money. (…) The Cherry Orchard is delightful thanks to its total perfection and excellent acting.

Joanna Marcinkowska, Teatralia Zielona Góra

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