The Bachelor | premiere | performed in Polish

4.09 | 18.30 | Tarnów, The Main Square

5.09 | 15.00 | Kraków, The Main Market Square, by the church of St. Adalbert

6.09 | 15.30 | Kraków, The Podgórski Square

Photo. Piotr Chlipalski

A beau, an admirer, a bach, a single? One that hunts for love, at the same time desperately trying to save his sacred rituals. How lonely can one be, surrounded by beautiful women and handsome men – one at a time, until the next one, well… maybe two? How much must one sacrifice to be with just one partner? Is it possible to love no one else but just the one who is one and only? In a number of episodes improvised with the audience, with sets and soundtracks created from thin air, Pjoter takes a look at the existence of a kind-of-intelligent and sort-of-handsome chap who is totally unprepared for sharing his life with another person.

Pjoter | Poland

Pjoter (Piotr Chlipalski) – performer, producer, photographer, creator of moving pictures (video, animation, mapping); founder, organizer and artistic director of the International Street Artists’ Festival Ulicznicy; co-founder of the Muzikanty group. Author of manuals for creative industries.

A creative practician who has performed on the street in a variety of ways since the late 1990s.

author and performer:
Piotr Chlipalski


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