4.09 | 21.00 | The Archeological Museum (courtyard), 3 Senacka Street | admission with free entrance cards

5.09 | 19.30, 21.00 | The Archeological Museum (courtyard), 3 Senacka Street | admission with free entrance cards

Photo. Pep Companys

A multidimensional theatrical proposal with contemporary dance enriched with dialogues, suggestive music, voice, light and theatrical means of expression. The show is inspired by the crow, an omnivorous bird of prey often present in mythology and arts. Associated with death, the crow is attributed the role of a middleman between the terrestrial and spiritual worlds.

[Kórps] is a multilingual pun on words: corbs – meaning «crows» in Catalan – sounds like corpse in English. The show is rooted in popular folk traditions and in human practices incorporating violence, vigil and death.

Miquel Barcelona Palau | Spain

Miquel Barcelona is a cross-disciplinary artist who has had more than 15 years of professional experience as a dancer and performer. He has participated in a great number of artistic projects, frequently working with outstanding directors, choreographers and colleagues such as Carolyn Carlson, Juan Kruz de Gario Esnaola, Raffaelle Giovanola, Cobosmika, Sol Picó, Ramon Oller, Roberto G Alonso, Darío Fo, Àlex Rigola, Qars Teatre, Atrium Teatre, and many more.

A hiperactive creator, full of ideas and plans.

direction, research and concept:
Miquel Barcelona

choreographic composition:
Miquel Barcelona and the company

musical composition:
Carlos Martorell

lighting design:
Jordi Berch

sound design:
Carles Bernal

costume design:
Mariona Sala

recorded voices:
Anna Ferrer, Marc Vilajuana

Miquel Barcelona, Helena Gispert, Martí Güell, Junyi Sun, Marc Vilajuana

FiraTàrrega, 2019


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