Olivier de Sagazan



“The most original, incredible things you’re likely to see” The Guardian


A painter and sculptor’s unfulfilled longing to breathe life into his creation. In a gesture of desperation he sculpts clay onto his head, burying himself in the material, eradicating his identity and becoming a living work of art. Yet the material blinds him and he is forced to look inward, into the very depths of himself. In a fascinating performance Sagazan shifts identities on stage, from man to animal and from animal to various hybrid creatures. He pierces, obliterates and unravels the layers on his face in a frenzied search for new essence and form. In this regard, he has stated: “I am flabbergasted to see to what degree people think it’s normal, or even trite, to be alive”. In Transfiguration, he gives new meaning to the notion of life, offering a captivating, disturbing and stirring glimpse into an alternative selfhood utterly unconstrained by inhibition.

“Transfiguration” was created in 1998, and was since performed more than 300 times in 25 different countries.


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Director and performer: Olivier de Sagazan

Duration: 50 min

Trailer: Transfiguration | OLIVIER DE SAGAZAN



“I am still not sure of the limits at which the body of the human self can stop”  Antonin Artaud


Two people sculpt clay on their heads, bury themselves in the material, eradicate their identity and become living works, mutating with the other’s body, creating dialogue, fusion, rivalry and love. Each in turn, oscillates between puppeteer and puppet, knowing that the question of identity is built in relation to the Other. But when the material blinds them, they are forced to look inwards, into the very depths of their Self. In a fascinating, expressive, total performance, they shift identities on stage, from man to animal and from animal to various hybrid creatures. They pierce, erase and unravel the layers of their face in a frenetic and uninhibited quest. Painting and sculpting themselves becomes a form of ritual positioned between dance and trance where improvisation is the matrix.


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Director: Olivier de Sagazan

Performers : Olivier de Sagazan and Stephanie Sant

Duration: 50 min

Teaser: Performance Hybridation | OLIVIER DE SAGAZAN


Olivier de Sagazan’s performances are presented within the framework of the KTO Theatre’s project called Four Shades of Theatre and co-financed from the funds of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, Programme ”Culture”, Outcome 2: ”Access to Culture and Art Improved”.









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