INK FOR THE LEFT-HANDED. A COMEDY OF THE ABSURD – anniversary of the premiere

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Ink for the Left-handed. A Comedy of the Absurd, a film still
Ink for the Left-handed. A Comedy of the Absurd, a film still

Exactly 13 years ago, on the 7th of May 2008, the stage of KTO Theatre at 8 Gzymsików Street hosted the premiere of the first part of Krzysztof Niedźwiedzki’s trilogy entitled Ink for the Left-handed. A Comedy of the Absurd. The premiere performance featured Jacek Buczyński, Maciej Małysa, Paweł Rybak and Maciej Słota.

The audience in the pre-pandemic era applauded with tears in their eyes (from laughter) this performance 273 times! Three months after the premiere, at the 12th TALIA Comedy Festival in Tarnów Ink for the Left-handed. A Comedy of the Absurd also won over the jury and received the Grand Prix 2008.

We were planning to celebrate the anniversary performance with you on the Miodowa Street stage tomorrow, but – as it happens lately with plans of cultural institutions – they have to wait.

However, we will not miss the opportunity to celebrate, and the 274th performance – with a birthday cake – will be performed in June. On the stage we will see Jacek Buczyński, Norbert Burkowski, Paweł Rybak and Maciej Słota. And today, we wish a virtual „Happy Birthday” to the Actors and the Author and Director – Krzysztof Niedźwiedzki!

Meantime, enjoy the trailer of the performance directed by Filip Rudnicki.

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