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Four Shades of Theatre, design by Witold Siemaszkiewicz
Four Shades of Theatre, design by Witold Siemaszkiewicz

The theatre is for everyone! Yes, for you too!

Soon you will be able to take part in the events of the Four Shades of Theatre project. You will learn that theatre is not only a stage and an auditorium – it is also a space for meeting with a diversity of cultures, various forms of performing arts and new technologies. Theatre is curiosity about the world we live in!

In the Four Shades of Theatre project events you will:
Learn Lemko, Tatar and Roma songs and dances
Feel the rhythm of the deaf world and find out how the blind perceive reality
Experience art developing – just like nature – here and now
See how multimedia can expand the possibilities of theatre

The Four Shades of Theatre invites those interested in the world, curious about the new and open to diversity. Yes, that includes you too!

The Four Shades of Theatre project benefits from the funding by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA FM) 2014-2021.

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