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ROT / CZERWONE – The German-Polish Theatre Festival


ROT/CZERWONE is a German-Polish theatre festival within the framework of Biennale Neanderland organized by the German District Mettman (Kreis Mettmann).

The Biennale is a cycle of events that take place in more than ten towns in the entire district every second year. In the current year this large undertaking is focused on artistic endeavours taking a look at German and Polish culture.

Among the Polish partners taking part in Biennale Neanderland we find The KTO Theatre, the "A" Theatre and the organisers of "ULICZNICY" - the International Street Artists' Festival in Glivice.

The motto of this year’s festival is the colour red (ROT) which is found in both the Polish and the German flag. A rich set of symbolic meanings of this colour (love, treason, blood, vengeance) gives a wide space for interpretation for artists.


ROT / CZERWONE – The German-Polish Theatre Festival




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