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32. ULICA. Festival of Street Theatres

Oh, What a Circus!


"Theatre is a collaborative form of art that uses live performers to present a play before a live audience."
"Circus is the last refuge of pure art."
(François Mauriac)

ULICA - The 32nd Festival of Street Theatres

Oh, what a circus!

Krakow, 4-7 July 209


The 32nd edition of the ULICA Festival is focused mainly on the merging two worlds: the world of circus and the world of street theatre – on their common roots and mutual inspirations.

During this 4-day carnival (4–7 July, 2019) the most beautiful and renowned squares and streets of Krakow will turn into theatre mansions full of artistic feats, thrills and emotions (The Main Market Square, The Small Market Square, The Szczepanski Square, The Podgorski Market Square).
Actors, jugglers, dancers and mime artists will also annex The Jan Nowak Jezioranski Square beside the Galeria Krakowska shopping centre, and the youngest members of the audience will be invited to a circus tent in The Szczepanski Square where clowns and puppeteers will run workshops and present their shows.
Tightrope walkers, illusionists and stilt walkers will also appear in Tarnow (5–6 July, 2019), performing in Walowa Street – one of the most presentable parts of the town.
The rich programme of the festival will be delivered by both Polish and foreign groups – 30 companies, over 90 shows.

Grande Finale
All contemporary theatre and circus trends and currents featured at the festival will appear in the final Parade of Entertainers, an outdoor show presented in The Main Market Square of Krakow in conclusion of ULICA 32 on the 7th of June 2019.

Jerzy Zoń
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